About Us

Strength Lab Battersea

Train Smart.

At Strength Lab LDN, we are passionate about human performance, and helping our clients reach their physical and athletic goals.

Our coaches are Strength and Conditioning practitioners, not just standard Personal Trainers, giving them an edge in terms of knowledge and ability to implement evidence based strategies to best serve our clients.

Train Anywhere.

In recent times we have adapted with the circumstances, and as a result have established a remote video training structure, alongside our regular gym based roles.
Whether you are in a position to get to the gym two or three times a week, or that simply isn’t possible at all – we can still help.
Train with us remotely via Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp and keep progressing no matter what your situation.

Train Accountable.

We have multiple methods for keeping our clients motivated and on track.
We provide state of the art testing equipment, allowing athletes to see for themselves exactly where their performance is at, and create goals.
On top of this, we also implement daily accountability through our dashboard for our clients, keeping you involved with your own journey, and keeping motivated by seeing your improvements in the flesh.

Train with expert Strength and Conditioning coaches who will help you to reach your human potential with methods that are backed by the science. No more guessing and hoping for progress.

Test and track your performance with state of the art testing and monitoring equipment from Vald Performance. If you want to be the best, then you need to train like the best.

Stay accountable daily with coaches that genuinely care and have your best interests at heart. Our dashboard system allows you to plug in figures daily to let us know how you are doing, but more importantly, see the improvements that occur over time on a day to day basis.