Connor Marsden

Professional Boxing Coach


Connor is a professional boxer and the current southern area lightweight champion; he’ll be looking to pass on his knowledge as our boxing coach. He has over ten years of experience in boxing, Winning many titles in the amateurs and now picking up his first title in the pro game back in September last year; Connor is a level 2 amateur coach where he trains all types of boxers at his club Earlsfield ABC. Connor is also a part of the boxwise program, a national, community-based project helping ages u18s & 18-30-year-olds from all walks of life building confidence, respect, fitness & boxing skill, among other things. So no matter what your experience, skill, or fitness level is, Connor can cater to your training needs to achieve your goals.


“To help others grow in confidence and fitness from boxing is the plan; Boxing helped me massively, so if I can give back to others, then it will be mission accomplished.”