Dean Alexander

Strength and Conditioning Coach


My name is Dean and Sport has been my longest love affair. Sport has always been conditioned into me. From the womb when my mother would coach GB Trampolinist whilst carrying myself and my sisters. Sadly, for my mother my balance was never my strong suit. Instead I took after my brother and father and preferred boxing and rugby. Essentially, anything that allowed me to let off some steam. I’ve spent the last 6 years in London working for a range of coaching set ups. From high end boutiques to blood and spit iron gyms. Using my undergrad degree in sports physiotherapy and postgraduates in physiology and S&C I aim to provide a one stop shop to all my clients


I want to use my experiences and challenges I’ve overcome to inspire, encourage and develop others to find themselves again. When you feel your best it inspires others around you to follow suit. My mission is to help a little each day to make that happen in my community.