Harry North

Strength and Conditioning Coach


Harry is deeply intrigued by the concepts of training and the dynamic definition of athleticism, consistently seeking avenues to deepen his understanding while guiding individuals towards their athletic potential. Armed with a BSc in Sport Science and an MSc in Strength and Conditioning, he meticulously analyses, designs programs, and coaches individuals to achieve a perpetual state of athletic progression, steadfastly integrating evidence-based methodologies. With a diverse clientele spanning all proficiency levels, Harry prioritises athleticism as the ultimate objective, adeptly facilitating weight loss where necessary while relentlessly fostering clients’ physical capabilities with empathy and personalised attention. As an enthusiastic Track & Field sprinter, Harry passionately pursues his childhood aspiration of elite performance, a journey that has not only shaped his professional trajectory but also honed his character. Drawing from his firsthand experiences with training and overcoming injuries, he has focused much of his research on muscle activation and gluteal inhibition, particularly relevant to individuals grappling with lower back and leg pain. This expertise positions him as a fitting choice for both Running and Strength & Conditioning Coaching, where he strives to empower athletes to reach their peak performance levels.


Harry’s mission is to bring out the person we are all wishing we could be, to chase TOMORROW’s potential but to be disciplined in understanding that what is done TODAY is needed more. Wanting to help people in earning the respect of calling themselves “Athletes”, I believe anybody who wants to better themselves through exercise should be called just that. I live by the motto: Practice makes improvement, you can always better your best